Stepping Up Your Self-Care Game!

Man... let’s talk self-care and attention this week. I don’t know about you ladies but these past couple of weeks have kicked my butt! All aspects in my life have been pressure testing my patience, literally. At one point I thought I was going to just lose it! The to-do list kept growing, new news at work (a lot to digest frankly), Bella was sick; now my husband is sick…I traveled for work, my rod set got ruined in the rain AND on top of all that I still have laundry to fold from our vacation last month lol . Let’s just say the breaking point was in sight.

When I feel like the walls are closing in on me I wave that white flag to surrender myself to that “mama needs a sec” place. Realizing that taking a step back is hard for us moms to do, it’s so necessary. It’s necessary for all those in the house... recharging that 9Volt battery that we run on is imperative so that you can be your best you for those you love and to maintain the stamina for that thing called work.

Self-care has become a buzz term these days but it’s what moms have been doing since the beginning of time to cope with existing as the heroine she is. I vividly remember my mom taking her moments, she would cut on her music, pour her bev of choice and tell us to take our asses outside and play!

Its not only critical that we remain thoughtful and intentional about carving out the time but that we also remain consistent! On the blog this week I wanted to share some ways and things that Ive done to take some ME time and hope that you ladies will share your ways of escape with me as well! You want to have fun and be creative, right?

I personally love being groomed! Even before all of my added responsibilities in life; manicures, pedi’s and waxing have been a part of my monthly routine. The only difference now is I have to get these appointments in where they fit in!

I’ve been trying to step up my “selfcare game” with some of these things:



CANDLES & WINE [PATIENCE JUICE] – Any time I can remove myself from my responsibilities around the house and take a breather is ME time as its best. Lately I’ve been obsessed with this soy candle line based in Brooklyn called LIT Brooklyn. My favorite scent is 1989 which is Sweet patchouli & almond scent—AH-MAZING! I light my 1989 and grab mama’s red wine goblet for a couple hours of mindless internet searching or TV. I call my red wine my patience juice because I’ll be honest Ive blurted out things in anger; yelling NO! STOP! and sometimes F*CK J! When that F-bomb is dropped I know I have to step away...Im predominately a red wine drinker but when stuff sh*t hits the fan anything will suffice. I like to stay within the $10 price point per bottle but I recently tried this Argentinean Malbec named Alamos that’s around $17 and its Superb! There’s nothing like quiet, the aroma of your favorite scents and some wine to take you to a different dimension.  So treat yourself to the good stuff and save the house wine for another day.



GIRL TIME! – Oh how I miss my girls…our lives today are consumed with too much to do and too little time to chop it up like we use to. The feeling of being in the presence of like-minded women who just get you regardless if you are in the same stage of life is immeasurable. When I need a good pick me up or someone to vent to, to be my sounding board, I call my crew. Whether its over dinner, drinks or just a night in…the bonding that happens in a judge-free zone will do wonders for your soul & attitude. Though its not as frequent as we would like when we do link up, magic happens!

VAGACIAL – I’m a sucker for a good Brazilian wax, it redefines me - legit. It makes me feel like a NEW woman [Insert Cardi B Face with tongue out]. The last several times I visited my esthetician I decided to up my service with this post wax GEM! A vagacial is a facial for the outside of your lady parts [vulva] and its the latest in genital grooming trends. Its a deep cleansing, exfoliating, smoothing, and a variety of masks and serums. The best part is the steam machine works down there as well…talk about heaven!

TREAT YO SELF! Next time you get your pedicure or mani – opt for the deluxe, get the extra service or add the extra hour to your massage because WE deserve to.

What are some ways that you take care of yourselves?